Sunday, January 22, 2006

What to see in Banda Aceh

Lhoknga and Lampuuk Beach

The Lhoknga Beach and Lampuuk Beach situated in the western sea of Aceh, about 17 Km from the city of Banda Aceh and it took 20 minute to reach there by motorcycle. this beach it really beutiful what you can do here like swimming, bathing the sun on the white sand of the beach, fishing, sailing or diving or else.what most people did here are waiting for the fascinated and beutiful sunset in the evening.In the Lampuuk Beach you can enjoy the view of the beach while you playing golf in the Seulawah Golf Field, and just close to the Lhoknga Beach you can wacth the panorama of the beutiful park just aside the beach.

Museum of Negeri Banda Aceh

The city of Banda Aceh have only one Goverment Museums, situated in the protected area, the main building of the museum it look like Aceh traditional house, established 1914 for the stall of Semarang Expo and then in 1915 the Gavernor Van Swart (Netherlands) brought it back to Aceh.The main room of the museum has 3 floor, loaded with the various old collection and arranged with good condition. one of the collection of this museum are Big Bell, named as Cakra Donya. this bell one of the gift from the Empire of China and brought to Aceh by Capten Ceng Ho in 1414. the carridor of the museum decorated with the traditional handmade craft of Aceh.In this place, u can even find the tomb of the Sultanets of Aceh, the tomb was made from hard rock taken from mountain and dacoreted with the Arabian Caligraphy. one of the tomb is The Tomb of Sultanete Iskandar Muda.

Krueng Raya Port

This Port it just 35 Km from the city of Banda Aceh, the port name is Malayahati Port. what you can find close to this port are, The Ford of Indra Patra, Laksamana Malahayati Tomb, Bathing natural hot water and if like to swimm just spend your day in the Beach of Ujung Batee.

Masjid Baiturrahman (Mosque)

The people of Banda Aceh are fall in love with this mosque, they love this mosque more than anything, inside the mosque you can see the beutiful artistic of the pilar and decorated wall with the arabian script. the mosque was established in 1875. in front of the mosque you will find the pool full of various fishes, many are golden fishes as the symbol of curing each other.

Irwansyah Yahya Student of Economics Agra University, Agra - India


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