Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sabang Zero Island

The Sabang city located in Weh Island, and is apart of Naggroe Aceh Darussalam. Weh Island it famous call by Point of Zero Kilometer of Republic of Indonesia. marked with one historical monument to mark the start of Indonesian country border.
The Weh Island has many sub-island like, Rubiah Island, Klah, Seulako and Rondo Island. the total population in Sabang is 28.703 people. with many kind of etnics, tribes, religions and native like Indian and Chines.
How to reach there
There is only one way to reach Sabang and that way is to cross the sea with ferry or from Krueng Raya Port or from Ulee Lee Port in Banda Aceh. the trip only take 2 hour from Banda Aceh to reach Balohan Port in Sabang. From there you can used local bus or taxi to head the main city of Sabang. and to reach the tourist destination of Rubiah Island or Iboih Island you need more raid about 45 minute from the main city.
The City was completed with many facilities inside, transportations, hotels, restourants, hospital, electronic communication, police office, petrol pump, mosque, church, bank, money changer and many local market.
I boih Island
In the Iboih Island you can find local hotel easily, about 50 local hotel are there and not every local hotel has a restourant. but to find the food is very easy in the island. there is 6 good restaurant there but the price is always high from the outside. some restourant are serve the european food and even the small restourant serve the international food taste.

Gapang Island

About 30 local hotel are there and with many facilities inside the hotel some with Tv, Air-Condition, bathroom. the price of the hotel are expensive and but is not hard to find the cheap hotel. about 4 restourant are there with serve only local food but really testy.
Lheung Beach Angen

This beach has 10 local hotel and only one restourant, but the menu are serve all kind of food and international dishes.

Irwansyah Yahya Student of Economics Agra University, Agra - India


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Irwansyah Yahya. Student of Economic in Agra University, Agra - India