Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Enjoy in Lhokseumawe

Dakuta Beach
One of the beach located in Lhokseumawe, North Aceh. it just 26 Km from the city of Lhokseumawe by road. you can use public bus oround the city. the local mini-bus are going only one way turn. and that the best transportastion to reach this beach. choose the heading to Bungkah-Muara Batu.
The beach is look natural. the local people used the beach as the port to park their boat around. some small shop are The to serve the visitor. there beach is the public beach. best to visit on sunday. some couple are spending the day aside the beach.

Sawang River Side
If you are a couple, then this riverside are the best place to spend your evening. a lots of small huts here selling many kind of fruits and juice the river is very clean and rocky around. some local people used to swim inside the river. the fresh roasted fish are serve to visitor. the beach located in Keude Sawang- Sawang. it is 45 Km from the city of Lhoskeumawe by road. you can use local bus or rent the motorbike or car from the Lhokseumawe.

Seumirah Waterfall
One of tourist destination in Lhokseumawe and this is the place. Seumirah Waterfall, located in Seumirah and about 13 Km from the main city of Seumirah- Nisam. to see the waterfall you need to climb down to the down hill. the place is covered by hills and wild forest. some food and water are sell here. after you climb up from the main waterfall have some drink and wacth the elephant playing football just close to the parking area. about 20 elephants are exercise every holiday and some horses are serve to ride.
Jomblang Beach
This beach is just apart of Lhokseumawe, it Just 20 minute from the main city of Lhokseumawe, many huts are serve to public here. many good restaurant here with internatinal menu. the best is to have boiled shells and very cheap. some house are rented to visitor.

Places to Click a Camera

1. King Muhammad Tomb ==> Located in Nibong, Syamtalira Bayu

2. King Syuhada Cot Plieng Tomb ===> Located in Beunot, Syamtalira Bayu

3. King Malikussaleh and Family Tomb ==> Beuringen, Samudra Pasee

4. Queen Al-A'La Binti Malikul Dhahir Tomb ==> Meuje Tujuh, Matangkuli

5. Cut Mutia House (National Hero) ==>Pirak, Matangkuli

Irwansyah Yahya Student of Economics Agra University, Agra - India


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