Monday, March 05, 2007

Surfing in Aceh

Hi there Netter..

the recent news that i got is the youth in aceh start back to surf in the sea wanna see some pic here i got some from
Pic 1.

Here are showing local people prepare to ride the sea and having fun in Lampuuk..
While, it just a fun...wanna join them and u dont have good preparation .. dont worry about that coz u can find a small shop provide a complete material for surf... take a look at small cute shop down here

Pic 2.

I dont know a lots about surf ... tried once and fail thanks god i know how to swim that help me much while i surf in Kovalam last year...may be the wave is not so friendly that day.
click here to see more about the shop
what r u waiting for just prepare the boat and start to go...
the wave in aceh are waiting....

Irwansyah Yahya Student of Economics Agra University, Agra - India


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Irwansyah Yahya. Student of Economic in Agra University, Agra - India