Friday, March 21, 2008

Warrior of Aceh - Tgk di Lapan Samalanga

Hi every one....
It's was in wednesday when a friend of mine telling me a story of greatest warriors of Aceh fighting in Samalangan, this district belong to Aceh Pidie its 300 Km from Lhokseumawe. the story telling that there is eight warriors fighting for independent of Aceh since its came the foreign invaders from Ducth.
The Eight warrior of Samalangan never said to give up their fighting to the invaders, until the eight of them pass away in Samalanga.
we can see the grave easily when we pass to trip to Banda Aceh, The Acehness used to donated some money putting to the box closely to the grave of the eight warriors. the charity from collected money taken by a local people to build a Masjid just opposite the grave. the Masjid look very beautiful sight combining the modern and classical architecture of Aceh.
a friend of mine took some picture of the Masjid here the sample..!!!
I am not able yet to make trip to this place, and i used to go to Banda Aceh but iam not aware of this site, the greatest story of eight warriors of Samalanga just remind in the mind of ancestor of Aceh, the youngster just like me never great the past story of Aceh.

Hopefully with this little reminder i can make myself more aware of the past and the history of Aceh. i'll be in this place short time i hope and get detail story of this eight warrior.

I dont even have the eight warrior graves, so sorry guys could not serve you with detail picture and story, but this could litlle bit remind me so i'll collect more detail information of this story in short time.

even a friend of Mine Called as Rahmi could not give me a detail story of this eight warriors of Samalanga, then i got to find new informan of this story..may be a reader of this site can describing me a thrue story of eight warriors of Samalanga..
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